Purdue to utilize SecureW2 service to onboard new users to campus Wi-Fi services

Purdue University can now utilize a cloud-based application, SecureW2, to automate and simplify connecting devices to campus Wi-Fi.  

SecureW2 automates the configuration process by installing any needed certificates and changing settings that previously confused users. In addition, SecureW2 can be run on devices anywhere, so new students, staff and faculty will be ready to connect to Wi-Fi upon arrival to campus. 

What devices can utilize SecureW2? 

SecureW2 can be used to configure most devices, such as laptops, PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Most popular operating systems are supported:  

  • Windows desktop (7+) and mobile OS 
  • macOS (Sierra+) 
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad) 
  • Android, including Kindle Fire 
  • Linux (including ChromeOS) 
  • Other operating systems may work as well (e.g., Blackberry) 

How do I configure Wi-Fi on my device using SecureW2? 

Navigate to the link below and follow the device-specific instructions on the page. 

Do I have to use SecureW2? 

Not at all. While SecureW2 is encouraged, connecting manually to Wi-Fi and entering your career account credentials will still work. 


To learn more about campus Wi-Fi and how to connect, visit itap.purdue.edu/services/wifi.

Last updated: July 7, 2022