Need training? Virtual, live and on-demand resources for getting the most out of technology  

A recent finding by the Future of Work project identified the need felt by many faculty and staff members for additional training on a variety of technology tools that suddenly became the industry standards after the COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a new era of remote working.   

According to the survey of more than 3,800 faculty, staff and graduate students, there is a significant need for training regarding collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and the various other Microsoft Office 365 tools commonly used on University computers.   

In response to that need, a one-stop-shop for training resources, Learning@Purdue, is being developed as part of the SuccessFactors Learning Management System. SuccessFactors Learning is the home of all employee-related training, so building out a resource library is a logical step. There are links in this resource library to local and external learning resources. The library organizes resources by subject or department supporting the resources. 

Included in the library is a link to the ITaP Leaning Hub, ITaP’s Collaboration SharePoint site. To help facilitate training opportunities on campus, ITaP’s Collaboration Team provides access to a variety of both live, virtual training opportunities as well as pre-recorded training videos that allow users to pick the type of learning opportunities that best suit them.   

For instance, users interested in learning more about Microsoft Teams can visit the collaboration site and schedule to attend a live, online training session or select the video training button, pick a topic of interest, and begin learning immediately.  The site offers training videos and other documentation for a host of tools, including storage service Box, website content manager Cascade, the online wiki creator Confluence and web-conferencing tool WebEx.   

For Microsoft, workshops and videos are available for Teams, SharePoint, PowerPoint, Bookings, OneDrive and more. To register for a Microsoft training seminar, Purdue users should sign up using their Purdue email to attend for free.   

Employees can also access LinkedIn Learning via Learning@Purdue. LinkedIn Learning has several courses available on technology tools, including: 

For users exploring LinkedIn Learning for the first time, the How to Use LinkedIn Learning course offers tips on quickly finding applicable learning and development courses. 

As a reminder, employees can now include external training in their SuccessFactors Learning record – including LinkedIn coursework or other external workshops. 

Last updated: Sept. 23, 2022