February 2023 update from the Project Management Office (PMO)

The PMO has completed changes to the PMO Website (Career Account and Password required) based on feedback from multiple groups inside and outside of Purdue IT.

Project Management

  • Are you currently managing a project and wondering what information should be gathered, what steps should be taken, and what processes to follow?
  • Are you currently part of a project team and wondering if templates exist to help you organize requirements or testing? 

The PMO PMs reviewed and updated their current processes and templates for consistency, accuracy, and value to Purdue IT and our Business Partners. They also worked with Communications to enhance the PMO website design so staff could quickly find documentation and processes. Updates include:

Project Portfolio Management

The team focused on identifying processes that will enable Purdue IT to successfully achieve our long-term goals in supporting research, security posture, student experiences, and Purdue’s overall goals.

These processes will enable us to drive conversations, prioritize work, allocate resources, and track dependencies. This includes:

  • Strategic Portfolio Planning & Prioritization – Purdue IT Roadmap
  • Scoring projects using predefined criteria
  • Billable Time
  • Capacity, Allocations & Demand

The PMO continues to work on Benefits Realization and is partnering with Lauren Fatse and Business Analytics team to pilot these processes.  More information will be forthcoming in the future months.

PPM Training content is linked below for your reference:

Portfolio Training

Agile and Purdue IT

A few parts of the organization, including the PMO, are investigating Agile concepts to help us more collaboratively develop new products and services with our customers while releasing features more quickly. Several areas, including IAMO, CRM, and the BICC, leverage Agile processes to accomplish their work. We watch these areas enthusiastically to understand better when and how we leverage these principles. No, we’re not suddenly becoming an Agile shop, but rather, we want to know how to use it, when to use it, and how it impacts our work. To understand Agile better, watch the following video and talk to a PMO Project Manager about their learning. More to come!