What is being done?
All University Residences listed on the schedule page are undergoing a Wi-Fi hardware refresh. As new equipment arrives, buildings will be scheduled to have old wireless access points removed and new modern wireless access points put in their place. Once all University Residence locations are complete, wireless site surveys will be conducted to determine if there are any weak coverage areas that need addressing.
My space has been refreshed, and “attwifi” has disappeared. What happened?

“attwifi” is no longer broadcast in refreshed spaces. The SSID “Purdue Guest” replaces “attwifi” and works similarly.


When will my residence be refreshed?
Please look at the scheduling page for current information. This page represents our current plan and will be updated often as we schedule new spaces. All rooms will be covered regardless of whether or not a room has a wireless access point in it.
What can I do to help this process?

When your building refresh is coming up, ensure the area around your wireless access point is clear so installers can easily access and replace it. The current wireless access point will be a white rectangular box that says “Cisco”. Again, not all rooms will have wireless access points in them.






Who will be coming into my room? When?

The install team will consist of a Purdue Access Assistant and a technical installer. Each member will be wearing ID badges with their photo and name, as well as a vest as shown below. Installation dates will be listed on the rollout web page. Unfortunately, we cannot provide an exact install time, but we anticipate between 9am and 6pm. If we are unable to complete an access point refresh due to room conditions, or inability to access hardware, University Residences will reach out to arrange a new install time. After install, a card will be left indicating the installation was completed.



Will I need to find other Wi-Fi sources while my area is being refreshed?
A wireless access point swap will only take a few minutes, and other surrounding access points will be providing a signal in the meantime. However, if you anticipate needing a constant and reliable connection for an exam or video call, we recommend you go to a library or use a wired connection.
What can I expect after the upgrade?
Wireless performance should be improved as we are deploying the Wi-Fi 6 standard. Wireless standards are backwards compatible and will use the highest supported standard between the wireless access point and the user device.
With this AP refresh, will I have to buy new equipment to get onto Wi-Fi?
If you can connect to Wi-Fi today, you’ll be able to connect after too.
I’m having issues connecting to the wireless, what should I do?
  • ResNet support can be reached at 765-494-2200 or at resnet@purdue.edu.
  • While steps for individual devices vary, some steps applicable to most devices include the following:
    1. Ensure the wireless is enabled on your device.
    2. Run the secureW2 installer bellow.
    3. If you can connect to Purdue Guest but not PAL or Eduroam, it may imply an issue with your username and/or password or it could be a limitation of the device being used.
    4. Generally speaking, “home” devices cannot connect to PAL/Eduroam, things like speakers, printers, game consoles, etc.

SecureW2 Installers:

Eduroam: https://cloud.securew2.com/public/62946/wl-prd-eduroam/

PAL 3.0: https://cloud.securew2.com/public/62946/wl-prd-PAL3.0/