Gartner research access

All Purdue faculty, staff and students can access the latest technology research and information thanks to a partnership between Purdue IT and Gartner, the global leader in IT industry research and insight.

The partnership with Gartner connects the University community to timely, real-world examples and content about technology, applicable to many facets of education - including engineering, finance and business.

Students, faculty and staff can access the Gartner database using their Purdue Career Account credentials at no cost.

Go to (PWL and PNW) Gartner Access for PFW


Some topics of interest in the current research include:

  • Digital Business strategy, culture and tactics
  • Artificial Intelligence, best use cases, etc.
  • The Internet of Things and its impact on existing and entrepreneurial businesses
  • Information Security as a key issue at all American businesses
  • Global impact of technology on business strategy and operations
  • Program and Portfolio Management for technology business leaders
  • "Digital Moments” that businesses use to capture market share