Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to reserve an instructional lab?

There is no fee. Instructional labs may only be used for Purdue sponsored activities. Academic events are the first priority when availability is limited.

Can I get temporary accounts for visitors to use the computers?

Purdue Career Accounts are required to login to the lab computers. Temporary (Special Event) accounts are available for visitors. They must be requested by a Purdue staff member. Each visitor must have an account; sharing of passwords is not permitted. Special Event accounts do not include an email account. Please check "temporary accounts" for visitors on the Lab Reservation Request. An email will be sent to request names, email address' and phone numbers for each account requested.

How do I request wireless access?

Guest Accounts can be provided with wireless access.

What software is available in the labs?

See: List of currently installed applications on lab machines

How do I request software to be installed for a class that I am teaching in an Purdue IT lab?

See: Software installations

Will there be any support staff on duty during my event?

Although there will not be Purdue IT staff in the lab during your event, you may get immediate assistance by calling the help number listed in the lab. Questions about software installations should be submitted using the Report a Problem form on the TLT site.

What equipment do the instructor stations include?

Most of the instructor stations have video projection, audio amplification, a DVD/VCR combo unit, and connections for using a laptop computer. Some also have a cart for the instructor equipment that allows the presenter to control the computer while standing. This equipment can be requested using the Lab Reservation Request form.