MySQL Account

All students, student organizations, and instructors can request a MySQL database account. MySQL allows you to store, organize, and access information in a relational database. This database can be accessed using web tools.

Creating your MySQL Account

Your MySQL account will be created on Your login will be the same as your Purdue career account login, although your passwords must be different for security reasons.

  • Career Account databases are limited to 50mb of disk space.
  • You are responsible for making your application and database secure (protected from SQL injection, spam, etc.)
  • Your activities on this database will be monitored.  Purdue reserves the right to disable any database containing inappropriate material.
  • Do NOT store restricted data on your database.
    See for the definitions of Purdue's data classifications.
  • To create a MySQL account or to reset your MySQL account password go to

Accessing your MySQL Account

Students & Instructors

  • Log in to (students/staff) or (instructors). At the prompt, type: 
    mysql -h -p
  • At the Enter password: prompt, type the password for your MySQL account.


  • Download a MySQL client for Windows, Mac OS, or Linux at
  • After you install the MySQL client, you can connect to your MySQL account by running the following from a command prompt or terminal window: 
    mysql -h -u yourcareeraccountlogin -p
  • At the Enter password: prompt, type the password for your MySQL account.


You can also access your MySQL Account on the web by signing in with your MySQL account and password on the following page:

Getting Help

For more information about using MySQL, see MySQL's web site at or the MySQL reference manual at

For more information you can search the Purdue IT Knowledge Base or contact the Purdue IT Service Desk.