Box @ Purdue

Box is a cloud-based collaboration application that allows for secure file storage and collaboration. As a cloud-based tool, Box regularly makes improvements and adds features to Box and its related applications. Box also integrates with Office 365, and allows for multiple people to edit at the same time, providing a collaborative work environment.
To learn more about Box, including how-to-videos, data information and training documentation visit

How do I start using Box? 

Any actively enrolled student or currently employed staff or faculty member can use Box.

  1. Go to in any browser.
  2. Click Continue, and enter your career account and your Purdue Login credentials.
  3. Complete the login process and you will see your Box folders.

If you have problems logging in, you may already have a Box account connected to your Purdue email, or you may not have an active license. If you have an existing Box account, log into it and remove your Purdue email address. If you still can't log in, call the Purdue IT Service Desk at (765) 49-44000 or submit a ticket via the Purdue IT Service Portal.

Support for Box

Purdue IT provides support of Box regarding availability of the infrastructure and assistance on the resolution of major functionality issues. Limited training and general usage support is provided by Purdue IT as resources are available. If you have a question related to Box, please contact the Purdue IT Service Desk.