RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a groundbreaking software technology that powers the Purdue IT BoilerBot. It enables you to create, launch, and monitor software robots that mimic human behavior, engaging with digital systems and software.

RPA's cutting-edge software technology is specifically designed to tackle high-volume, repetitive digital tasks that are currently completed manually. Software robots can easily comprehend screen contents, execute appropriate keystrokes, navigate complex systems, extract data, and perform a wide range of actions in accordance with defined business logic. The beauty of this technology is that these actions can be executed consistently and at rapid pace, without any downtime or the need for breaks.

Collaborating with various campus units, Purdue IT is exploring the potential of RPA for automating digital tasks and opening up avenues for innovation and increased efficiency. For further information on using RPA, refer to the eligibility criteria and contact information listed below.

RPA Metrics (8/22/22 - 6/3/24)

Total Processes Run 691,561
Total Productivity Hours Saved 93,341

How Can RPA Help You? 

All university academic and business departments are eligible for this service but must agree to adhere to technology and branding standards. If costs are associated with the build of a new automation, funding for those costs will be estimated and approved by funding source owner(s) prior to starting the implementation work.

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RPA Solutions 

BoilerBot: BoilerBot is a Conversational RPA (or chat bot). Purdue students and employees can currently receive assistance with Purdue Login access issues by using the BoilerBot chat interface. West Lafayette end-users can also receive help with resetting Career Account passwords.

Access BoilerBot: 

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How to report problems or issues: 

For problems of availability, monitoring or maintenance that require Purdue IT assistance, contact the Service Desk.