Faculty and staff can use BoilerCast to create recordings of their lectures or other activities.  Students may view the BoilerCast recordings in the Kaltura Media Gallery of their enrolled courses. This service is available in all centrally scheduled classrooms and in some departmental classrooms.

If you experience technical issues with using BoilerCast, please contact the Purdue IT Service Desk.

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Kaltura MediaSpace

How does it work?

What does the instructor have to do in the classroom?

If you have requested scheduled captures, you don’t have to do anything in the classroom except log into the desktop computer if you are using Classroom Capture. You may want to check the configuration for Kaltura Classroom before the capture starts. If the room has a wired or wireless microphone, use it to get a good audio level for the capture.

How can my captures be published?

BoilerCast captures are published to MediaSpace in Kaltura, the campus video platform. Classes are also normally published to the course media gallery (Course Tools -> Kaltura Media Gallery) for students to view, but they can also be published to a Kaltura channel for anyone to view. You can also generate a “public link” from any capture and publish to your own location. Captures requested by the instructor for an accommodation are published to a channel in Kaltura that is only available to the students who need access.

BoilerCast Capture Types

  • Classroom Capture:  The instructor audio and the display of the classroom computer can be captured in any classroom with the Kaltura Classroom application.  Docucams and webcams connected to the Purdue IT computer can also be captured. Captures can be scheduled in advance or started ad hoc by the presenter. Scheduled classroom captures can be automatically processed and made available to students without any intervention from the instructor. In addition to lectures, you can record help sessions, seminars, student presentations, or any other classroom event.  Kaltura Classroom User Guide
  • Appliance Capture: Some classrooms have a capture appliance installed. Scheduled capture is available for any device displayed on the projectors, including document cameras or laptops. Audio from the room microphone is fed directly to the capture appliance.
  • Kaltura Capture: You may download and install this application on your own Windows or Macintosh computer. This capture includes audio plus the desktop, and video from a camera in the computer or connected by USB. This is similar to Classroom Capture, but instructors have the ability to create and edit custom instructional content from any location. Kaltura Capture Tutorial Video

Live Streaming

You can capture and stream your lecture at the same time using BoilerCast. In the Classroom Capture rooms the primary capture source is streamed, and in the Appliance Capture rooms the "confidence encoder" is streamed.  There is a 30 second delay. You may request live streaming when you submit a BoilerCast request.

Student Accommodations

If you are receiving academic adjustments and/or auxiliary services from the Disability Resource Center (DRC) and need help accessing a BoilerCast lecture, please contact your Accommodations Specialist in the DRC.

More about BoilerCast

Instructors can view analytics in MediaSpace that show how students are viewing their captures.

  1. Open the media gallery in Blackboard by clicking the BoilerCast link in the course menu.
  2. Select Analytics from the Channel Actions menu in the upper right hand of the page.

Instructors can make simple edits of captures using a tool in Kaltura.

  1. Open the Edit mode for a video listed in MediaSapce by clicking the pencil icon to the right of it.
  2. Click the Launch Editor button.

Students cannot download the videos, but instructors can download their own content. 

  1. Click the My Media link on your My Blackboard page.
  2. Open the Edit mode for a video listed by clicking the pencil icon to the right of it.
  3. Choose the Downloads tab.

The following short guides for BoilerCast may also be useful.

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