Classroom Lectern

Classroom Lectern

Technology in the Classroom

Purdue IT provides faculty and staff with the use of a computer, network storage, and instructional applications in the every classroom. Windows-based personal computers are available in hundreds of locations across campus. These PC's are configured like those found in the instructional computer labs and require users to log in using a Purdue career account login and password. You may also bring in your own laptop computer. Computer projection is available from the instructional PC or from your own laptop.

Please call 49-44000 to get immediate help in the classroom.

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To use a wired or wireless microphone, you must be in a TIC location with amplification. To request a personal mic for classrooms with audio amplification, please complete this form. 

Wacom pen-enabled monitors are installed in several rooms; see the TIC Locations page for details. Instructors must purchase their own pen; the Wacom Grip Pen is recommended.

Solstice Pod or Crestron AirMedia wireless display receivers are in several rooms, including every classroom in WALC. Please contact TLT Consulting with questions about using a wireless display in teaching.

Requests to schedule classes or events in these classrooms are processed through the Office of the Registrar.

You may take attendance, give assessments, and get instant feedback in classrooms with Hotseat or i>clicker.