Purdue Information Technology Learning Spaces Student Employment Opportunities

The Purdue IT Learning Spaces team has opportunities for motivated individuals with strong customer service skills and a basic understanding of computer technology.

You can apply to join the Learning Spaces team as a student Technical Representative here:
Purdue IT Student Technical Representative

Please note: 
  • Due to the large volume of applications we receive, we will only contact those students who are being considered for a position.  Should you be selected for further consideration, we will contact you via email.
  • Application reviews and hiring are typically done at the begining and middle of the Fall and Spring semesters. 
  • We do not hire for summer employment only.

From this starting position of Technical Representative, we have additional opportunities for engaged, industrious, and dependable team members. 
These include: Service Desk Representatives, Technical Coordinators, and Technical Supervisors. 
The roles and duties vary but will allow team members to increase their troubleshooting and technical knowledge as well as gain supervisory experience.

Technical Representative Position Summary:

  • Work at an assigned Service Desk (HIKS or WALC) or Site Office
  • Work with a diverse customer base from the Purdue community including students, staff, and faculty members
  • Coordinate the opening, daily operations, and closing of computer labs within Learning Spaces
  • Maintain computers and printers along with lab peripherals such as staplers and lab signage
  • Ensure equipment is operating normally and environments are clean and safe for patrons
  • Must be available to work at least 12 hours/week
  • Must be available to work for at least 2 full semesters
  • Training will be provided

Responsibilities include:

  • Assist customers with technical questions including:
    • Purdue password resets
    • Duo and MFA access credentials
    • PAL 3.0
    • Software issues
    • Printer issues including wide format printing
    • Create support tickets for customer issues or requests
  • Monitor computer and printer statuses with regular physical checks and by using monitoring tools, investigate issues as needed
  • Handle assigned TIC (Technology in Classroom) instructor station checks
  • Monitor Teams, replying promptly and sharing information as needed
  • Inventory support for printer paper, peripherals, and cleaning supplies
  • Other duties as assigned

Thank you for your interest in working with Purdue IT!