The mission of ResNet is to provide the Purdue community with quality solutions to issues regarding ResNet services through teamwork and collaboration with our IT partners. Our primary goal is to serve as the point of contact for students seeking assistance with ResNet services. Some of the services we support are the wired and wireless (PAL3.0) network connections in the Residence Halls and helping connect your devices to each of these networks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ResNet?

ResNet stands for Residential Networks and is the service that allows you to connect your personal devices to the campus network, either wirelessly with PAL3.0 or by using an industry standard Ethernet connection. The service also provides a shared connection to the Internet and is the service used by most students living in the residence halls. You can also connect directly to campus via VPN.

Note: Students University Residences Boiler Apartments will have high-speed internet service provided by local providers. Connection information at these locations will be provided upon check-in.

For more information about how to connect, visit the Purdue IT Knowledge Base and search “ResNet”.

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What wireless internet access is available at Purdue?
Purdue offers PAL3.0 in residence hall rooms as well as the wired ResNet service. Purdue also has wireless services in academic buildings and other public areas. All residence hall public lounges and activity areas currently provide wireless network services. You should not purchase a wireless router for your room as they can cause interference with the PAL3.0 network.
Purchase options for buying a computer?

ResNet cannot supply computer recommendations as each college has different requirements. Please contact a representative of your specific college for recommendations or requirements for selecting a computer.  Purdue IT has entered into several agreements with different vendors to supply additional discounts at no cost to you.

Visit the Purdue IT Shopping website to learn more about savings agreements and other discounts on hardware and software, available to you just by being a student at Purdue.

How do I connect my computer at Purdue?


PAL3.0 is available in student rooms in public areas of the residence halls, and in most academic buildings on campus. There is no charge for wireless service.

Go here to connect to Wi-Fi

Guests of Purdue are offered a free connection through AT&T and may connect using “attwifi”.


ResNet provides a single Ethernet port, per resident, per room. This connection may be used to direct connect using an Ethernet cable.

To connect to the ResNet service you need an Ethernet cable. Plug one end into your computer and other end into the wall port, then turn your computer on. ResNet can help troubleshoot connection issues.  Please contact ResNet at, 765-494-2200, or search through online help articles.

Computer labs do provide software on the computers, and some special class accounts are only accessible from lab computers. You must equip your computer with at least a 10Base-T Ethernet adapter and a category 5 Ethernet cable with RJ45 connectors on both ends in order to connect from your computer to the wall connection.

Rooms with an access point (AP) on the wall have a single port available on the AP. Note, the additional ports are disabled, covered, and cannot be accessed.

Multiple residents may not share a connection. Network switches do not work on Resnet’s infrastructure.  Wireless routers should not be used in the halls as their broadcast interferes with ResNet’s services.

Ports denoted with a number are legacy and will not provide a connection.

You will need a standard Ethernet cable (CAT5 or higher, not provided)

What about streaming and smart devices?

Streaming devices, such as Amazon Firesticks or Roku are usually able to connect by use of the URHome network.

Additionally, smart assistants such as Amazon Echo or Google Homes should also connect in the URHome environment. For instructions on how to create a key for URHome, please visit: How do I create an access key for URHome? 

Note: ResNet will provide best effort when troubleshooting connection issues related to smart or streaming devices. However, occasionally these devices will not work in our environment due to compatibility issues and enterprise infrastructure limitations. For assistance with these devices please contact ResNet at or 765-494-2200.

What is the wireless standard for PAL3.0

The wireless standard Purdue has adopted is 802.11g. Your laptop or handheld device will need a wireless network card that follows this standard. If you plan to connect your computer in your room with ResNet Ethernet, and wireless in other areas of the campus, you will need both a wired and a wireless network card or adapter for your laptop.

To connect to the ResNet service you need an Ethernet cable. Plug one end into your computer and other end into the wall port, then turn your computer on. ResNet can help troubleshoot connection issues. Please contact ResNet at or 765-494-2200.

What else do I need to know?

Purdue has a contract with Microsoft that offers select software to staff and students for free or reduced pricing.

ResNet services are provided at no additional charge.

Purdue has many policies related to the use of computing facilities. Even though you are using your own computer, you are using Purdue’s network. Please read, understand, and abide by all laws and policies regarding the standards at Purdue. Failure to comply with these laws and policies has consequences. Read our acceptable use policy for ResNet.

Subscribing to the ResNet service does not imply an unlimited network connection. ResNet is a resource that is shared with other subscribers. Uses or applications that inhibit or interfere with use of ResNet service by other users are inappropriate. Users that consume high bandwidth for extended periods of time may result in bandwidth throttling, content filtering, or port deactivation to control use and allow others fair access. Use of academic resources on Purdue computers should not be affected by these restrictions.
The Purdue IT homepage allows you change your password, access Brightspace, and view computer lab availability across campus. You can also find help with network problems and other technical difficulties.

What if I still have questions?

Email ResNet Services

ResNet bandwidth in University Residences is a limited resource and users are required to act responsibly. Continued contacts from ResNet management, continued abuse of bandwidth, and any tampering with the Wireless Access Points (WAP’s) could result in the permanent disconnection of your ResNet service. In addition, all users of ResNet will be subject to Purdue IT's published Acceptable Use Policy.  This includes the understanding that you will not broadcast a separate wireless signal in your residence hall. For more information on acceptable use, please visit the ResNet Acceptable Use policy.