Planning to get a new phone? Make sure to set up BoilerKey self-recovery before you go shopping for one

Before you get rid of your old phone and upgrade to a new one, sign up for BoilerKey self-recovery to make the transition quick and simple and to protect you from being locked out of your Purdue account.  

Step 1: Go to and select “Register for Self-Recovery.”  

Step 2: Enter your phone number and get a verification code sent to you via text message.  

Step 3: Enter your verification code onto the website. Your self-recovery option is now set up.  

Step 4: As an extra precaution, you can download 10 backup codes you can use for self-recovery if you no longer have access to your phone. Go to and select “Manage”.  At the bottom of the next page, click on “Obtain List of BoilerKey One-Time Use Backup Codes.” These 10 codes should be printed out and stored in a secure place; each code can only be used one time for self-recovery. To use one of these codes to log in, your password should be “PIN#,10-DIGIT-CODE” 

How to set up BoilerKey on your new phone using Self-Recovery

  • Remove any existing keys on your new phone that mention “Disabled” or “Reconnect.” 
  • Go to the BoilerKey website at 
  • Click the “Self-Recovery” button, and follow the on-screen directions to send a code, and log in. 
  • To register your new phone, select “Replace your Duo Mobile BoilerKey” to replace the old phone registration with the new one. 
  • Follow the on-screen directions to register the new phone. 
  • Once finished, your new phone is now ready to use as normal. 

NOTE: If you have not registered your phone number for self-recovery nor printed out a list of backup codes, then you will need to call the ITaP Customer Service Center. 

Last updated: December 8, 2021