When it comes to the knowledge base, just “UFFA”

Did you know there is a way to increase your customers' satisfaction, improve your team’s time to resolve tickets, and help drive more service requests to self-service? 

The plan is simple: UFFA.  

Or more descriptively: Use, Fix, Flag, Add – a key part of the methodology behind the Purdue IT knowledge base and the way we make it accurate, helpful, and vital to both Purdue IT staff and our customers.  

The Use, Fix, Flag, Add methodology is simple:  

  • Use it! 
    • When you are looking for an answer for yourself or a customer, it is important to start by searching in the knowledge base at service.purdue.edu 
    • If you find the answer to a customer’s question, you can attach the KB to the customer’s ticket – which allows for a more consistent support experience for customers.
    • Helps define what an organization already knows.
    • Allows us to run reports and make decisions based on usage.
  • Fix it or Flag it!  
    • When you find something about an article that is not quite right you have two options: 
      • Fix it: Those participating in the ongoing KB pilot can edit or submit updates to erroneous articles. Those without access can still submit edited versions of articles by following the instructions found here.  
      • Flag it: If you know an article has incorrect information, leave feedback on the form found below every article. Tell us how the article can be improved, or simply let us know what information is wrong or unhelpful, and the IT Service Management team will work to get it updated and corrected.  
  • Add it!

The Purdue IT Knowledge Base is designed to be utilized and owned by the whole of the Purdue IT organization. If you cannot find your information – neither can your customers.  

In the coming months, increased opportunities for involvement with the knowledge base will be announced – but at its core, all knowledge is only as useful as we can access, share, and improve it. UFFA is one step we can all take to leverage the collective knowledge of Purdue IT employees to the benefit of us all.