Purdue IT to unveil new customer service portal

On July 12, Purdue Information Technology will unveil its new ticketing and customer service portal, designed to help customers resolve their technical issues as quickly as possible.  

The new portal, found at service.purdue.edu, allows customers on any campus to submit requests or report issues to Purdue IT, and provides options for self-service through the help of an extensive, searchable knowledge base.   

According to Purdue IT’s Executive Director of End User Experience, Dwight Snethen, the goal is to give the Purdue community the ability to report incidents as efficiently as possible. The searchable service catalog and knowledge base allows users to find the answers they seek without contacting the service desk. Customers will also be able to view their requests, both current and resolved, in the portal. 

“We know from surveys with students and other groups, that picking up the phone and calling our service desk is not the way people want to connect with us,” Snethen added.  

Although IT-related issues can still be reported by calling 765-494-4000 or emailing it@purdue.edu, submitting issues via the service portal can make it easier to collect the most accurate information regarding a customer’s need, resulting in faster routing of tickets to the correct tech team and providing faster resolution times.  

NOTE: With the new service portal, customers will notice that response emails generated from Purdue IT look different than previous responses. Email responses will be from purdueitreplies@purdue.edu and will have a new table-like format that includes links to the portal, where users can track their issues and ticket history. 

With the transition to the new portal, the Gold Answers knowledge base will eventually be decommissioned as articles will be found in the new portal’s knowledge base. Questions about the new customer service portal can be sent to itservicemanagement@purdue.edu.   

Last updated: June 29, 2023