In spring 2023, Libraries and Purdue IT added a second wide format printer to Learning Spaces for students’ academic needs. In addition to the printer on the second floor of the Wilmeth Active Learning Center (WALC) near the information desk, there is also now a printer in the John W. Hicks (HIKS) Undergraduate Library near the information desk.

The addition of a second printer is in response to the high volume of activity the service receives, most notably at the end of the semester when students prepare to present their research. In April 2023 alone, students printed more than 1,000 posters using the service.

The wide format printers are geared for research presentation, blueprints and coursework. They are not graphic or photo printers. The printers are accessible during library hours, including evenings and weekends. Purdue IT staff at these locations are available to help users configure their files to print correctly.

Cost to print is $4 per linear foot on 36-inch-wide paper. A typical poster averages about $12 or $16. Students must transfer BoilerExpress funds to pay for the service. Departments can transfer funds to support poster printing using a shared account for academic purposes.

For additional information on wide format printing, visit Service desk staff can also assist with any questions and releasing the print.