As part of ongoing network upgrades, Purdue IT recently launched the UR Home wireless network in all residence halls across campus including student rooms and common areas. The equipment updates provide residential students access to additional services.

“We are excited to introduce the new UR Home experience to students this fall,” said ResNet Service Administrator Steve Rounds. “Our previous system was quickly becoming outdated, making it difficult for students to use current technology in our environment. UR Home allows us to make use of Purdue’s newly installed wireless hardware, which is much more capable and should provide students with an improved experience similar to what they’re accustomed to from a home network.”

When entering campus, students and guests see SSIDs, such as PAL3.0, Eduroam, PAL gaming, etc., to connect their devices. The new UR Home SSID will eventually replace PAL gaming, which will be removed as an option in the coming months.

UR Home provides students with their own version of an ‘in-home’ experience. Once they have created their account, students can connect their multiple devices (printers, gaming consoles, Roku, Amazon Alexa, visitor access, etc.) in their own private network using a single access key. UR Home uses a student’s housing assignment and Purdue credentials to authenticate devices within their assigned residence hall.

“University Residence (UR) is always striving to provide the highest level of wireless service to our residents,” said Ryan Cohenour, Director of Innovation, Strategy & Systems for University Residences. “This change will help UR provide better service for an increasing number of users and individual devices that students desire to have within their rooms.”

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