Beware of Phishing! Improve your cybersecurity awareness by joining email exercise

As part of October’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Purdue Systems Security (PSS) wants to remind you that despite the Halloween frights, the most dangerous thing you may encounter comes in the form of a phishing email.  

PSS warns you not to fall for phishing emails that sneak into your mailbox and invites you to review its Cybersecurity awareness site for articles to help you stay safe from phishing. If you are short on time, focus your first read on the PHISHING ATTACKS AND HOW TO IDENTIFY THEM article. 

 During Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Purdue Systems Security is exercising a voluntary participation email phishing campaign. The phishing campaign will send simulated phishing emails to volunteer participants. The campaign will identify how many volunteer recipients fall for the phish, ignore it, or report it as suspicious. This campaign is for training and awareness purposes, and results will not be reported at an individual level. Individuals that fall for a simulated phish will receive a friendly pop-up awareness message. 

To volunteer in this exercise, complete the Qualtrics survey below which will remain active until October 23, 2023. Questions can be directed to 

Qualtrics Participant Survey: 

 Last updated: 10/13/2023