Effective Oct. 1, 2023, Purdue IT implemented the following changes for the former Daniels School of Business, College of Liberal Arts, Libraries, and Education IT Teams:

  • The formation of a new “Zoned Support” team providing local IT support to the Daniels School of Business and Beering Hall made up of support staff from the former Daniels School of Business IT and the College of Liberal Arts IT teams.
    • Travis Kirby will lead this team reporting to Jess Maynard, the Director of Academic Technology Support focusing on IT support for the faculty, students and staff in these areas.
  • Other moves include:
    • Michele Markley, Systems Administrator (formerly Daniels School of Business) – End User Experience Endpoint Support Services
    • Lisa Ratliff, Production, Technician Senior (formerly Daniels School of Business) – End User Experience Learning Spaces
    • John Smith, Associate Systems Engineer (formerly Purdue Libraries) – End User Experience Endpoint Support Services
  • The formation of a group to support academic innovation with a focus on custom applications. Initially, this group includes Purdue staff from the following areas:
    • Libraries
      • Gaya Anand
      • Matt Riehle
    • Daniels School of Business
      • Kenny Wilson
      • Jeff Ello
      • Eric Hitze
      • Alan Thomas
      • Aaron Horne
      • Matt Gyure
      • Sarah Deak
      • Steven Smith

Effective November 1, Cindy Oneal will assume leadership of the newly integrated Academic Solutions Team consisting of the above list of custom developers and system administrators. Kenny Wilson and Jeff Ello will directly report to her. With the long-term vision to create an Innovation Center, this team will first assess the needs of all four academic areas in scope. From a higher vantage point, the combined skillsets of this new team may gain synergies with other existing groups within ITES. They will look for collaboration opportunities, determine the team’s portfolio scope and, if needed, will work with IT Directors to shift solutions, resources, and assignments around to better meet the needs of our customers.

Other moves and changes are as follows:

  • Kevin Fargo, Lead Systems Engineer (formerly Purdue Libraries) – Rosen Center for Advanced Computing (RCAC) HPC Engineering
  • Jayson Belec, Systems Engineer (formerly Purdue Libraries) – Purdue System Cloud

To finalize the transitions for these four units, Bob Evans will report to Dwight Snethen effective 11/1/2023. In the immediate term, Bob will help to define Dean level advocacy for the four transitioned colleges (Education, Liberal Arts, Business, and Libraries). The teams will stay engaged with the work on the long-term organizational structure & design efforts underway with Aaron Walz and the academic units reporting to Gerhard. This structure change allows us to pilot the advocacy model, understand how it works, and adjust or pivot as necessary given the data and feedback collected.