This fall, the Robotic Process Automation Center (RPA) embarked on a Citizen Developer program, which will enable stakeholders outside of Purdue IT to create automations to enhance their business operations.

Citizen Developer (CD) automations are designed to be manually run by the CDs while using their login credentials and authorizations. CD automations can be shared with a small group of other CDs to run manually.  The RPA Center developed automations typically are more robust and run without manual intervention in the process.

The Citizen Developer program is a low code/no code deployment approach of UiPath, a global software company that specializes in robotic process automation. It enables citizen developers with the relevant technology to discover automation opportunities, build automations and measure automation impact. The pilot program includes participants from different areas of the university.

“In HR, we are looking forward to the opportunity to use this tool to streamline, simplify and automate common manual tasks which will reduce manual efforts/typing which in turn will provide our staff with more time to focus on the content of business solutions vs. the time-consuming manual activities,” said John Lahrman, principal analyst six sigma/lean, participant in the program.

Citizen developers began with UiPath online training, which allowed them the opportunity to follow along step by step in each exercise within StudioX. In November, UiPath held a bot-a-thon on Purdue’s campus to give citizen developers the opportunity to engage with the experts and test out their developing skills on exercises and use cases.

Participants will develop, test, and deploy their individual use cases through the December-January timeline. In the beginning of 2024, the RPA Center will monitor the progress of the automations and provide recommendations regarding potential program expansion.

 To help us determine what support exists to expand the program, please email if you are interested in becoming a citizen developer.

 If you have a use case that you would like the RPA Center to help you automate, please submit a request