Maple Installation Instructions

First, double-click on the installer file.

Installer File

The Maple Setup will begin.  Click Next.


Read through the License Agreement, and if you agree with the terms click on I accept the agreement, and click Next.

On the next screen, you can change the Installation Directory.  The recommendation is to leave the default option, and click Next.

Continue on selecting your installation options and clicking Next until you come to the following screen:

Single User

Be sure to keep the default as Single User License.  Click Next.  Select the Update options on the following screen, and click Next.  After any updates are downloaded, you will see a Pre-Installation Summary and click Next.

Once installation completes, you will be prompted to Activate the version of Maple you are installing.

Activate Now

De-select this Check-box and click Finish.

Placing license.dat File

Navigate to the folder

c:\Program Files\Maple ##\license on Windows, or

/Library/Frameworks/Maple.framework/Versions/##/license folder on Mac

Replace the ## with the version number of Maple you have installed.  Copy the license.dat file into this folder.

Drop License

Administrator Permissions are required.  If you are using a managed machine, please contact your IT Support Specialist for assistance copying this file into the license directory.

Once the license.dat file is in place, your installation of Maple should be fully licensed for use.

On your first launch of Maple, you will receive the following notice:

Time Limited Dialog

 Click on the OK button.  Do not click Activate.  The license.dat file provided will expire at the end of August each year.