Purdue IT Software Licensing and Distribution

Software Licensing and Distribution provides services associated with the establishment and retention of software agreements between Purdue University and software vendors, and the distribution of the resulting licensed software under the terms of these agreements.

Community Hub Site

Purdue IT Software Licensing and Distribution recently partnered with Purdue’s Community Hub to offer a more convenient way to obtain software.  Many of our software products are now available for immediate download through the Software Download Storefront on Community Hub at


After logging into the Storefront, users will only see the software they are eligible to obtain.  For details on a particular software's availability, the product pages are still available with licensing information.

We will continue to transition the remainder of our products to Community Hub over the coming months.


  • Licenses and updated downloads for the 2018-2019 term for SAS 9.4 are now available for download to those eligible on Community Hub.  12/04/18
  • SPSS for Personally Owned Computers is now back in stock on Community.  Authorization codes cover the 2018-2019 licensing term.  For eligible Faculty and Graduate Students.  12/03/18

Software Distribution

Purdue University offers several popular software packages to individuals, departments, and colleges at the University.  Availability restrictions, versions offered, distribution means, and cost of software result from the agreement details between Purdue University and the specific software vendor.  Please see the appropriate link below for details on the software available:

For questions regarding the software available, please contact the Service Desk

Software Licensing

Purdue IT Software Licensing and Distribution handles the licensing and agreement renewal of many software products.  Services include:

  • Review agreement licensing terms and conditions
  • Assist Purchasing and Contracts with agreement negotiations
  • Organize established cost-participation between sponsors
  • Communicate with vendors regarding licensing and distribution
  • Agreement renewal notification and preparation