MATLAB Installation Instructions

MATLAB is available to eligible users from Purdue IT Software Distribution on Community Hub. 

The download is a compressed zip file that will include the following items:

  • Installation Files (A .dmg file for Mac, an ISO file for Linux, and an installation folder for Windows)
  • A license.dat file
  • A text file with the File Installation Key

To begin installation, completely extract the contents of the downloaded zip file to a temporary location on your computer's hard drive.  Make note of this location.

Open the text file with the File Installation key.  Be ready to copy and paste the text of this key when prompted during MATLAB installation.   

When you have the needed installation files, license.dat file, and File Installation Key, you can begin your installation of MATLAB.

For Linux installation, you will need to follow the procedures for your distribution to mount all ISO files extracted from the download, with execute permissions.

Use File Installation Key Option

Go to the location you extracted the files from your Community Hub download and launch the Matlab Installation program.

  • On Windows, open the install folder and launch setup.exe
  • On Mac, launch the .dmg file.
  • On Linux, go the ISO in terminal and type ./install &

When prompted, select Use a File Installation Key.  Then click the Next button.

Agree to the license agreement

Review the Mathworks MATLAB License Agreement.  If you agree to the terms, select Yes and then click the Next button.

Enter the File Installation Key

Next, you will need to enter the File Installation Key provided to you.  Select the radio button I have the File Installation Key for my license, paste or enter the key in the textbox below, and then click Next.

Enter installation location, use the default

You will then be prompted to enter the path where you would like MATLAB installed on your system.  You should keep the default, and simply click the Next button.

Review the products that will be installed

Select the products to install with Matlab.  If you need to converse space and know that you will not need a certain module, it can be unchecked.  Make sure needed modules are checked.  The defaults are usually what must users require. 

Do not check the License Manager option.  Selecting this will cause your Matlab installation to fail.

Click Next to continue.

Enter the license file location

The MATLAB installation program will then prompt you for the license.dat key provided to you.  You need to click the Browser button, locate the folder or directory where you extracted your downloaded, and select the license.dat file.  Then click the Next button.

You will then be prompted with a few more option screens.  Select the options to your preference, and select Next. You will then be prompted for confirmation.  Click the Install button. 

Installing Additions

MATLAB and its sub-products will then be installed on your system.

Once the process completes, you can click the Finish button.

Installation complete