SPSS License Authorization Wizard

Either due to installation issues, licensing changes, or technical problems, it is sometimes necessary to reapply the Authorization Code for your SPSS or SPSS Amos installation.  Luckily, IBM provides a support application with each installation that makes this task simple.

The IBM SPSS License Authorization Wizard can be found in the main product folder of either SPSS Statistics or SPSS Amos.

Wizard Icon on Windows 8.1

Locate the application in the SPSS folder in either the Start Menu or Start Screen in Windows or the Applications folder on Mac OS X.

On Windows, right-click the application icon and select Run as administrator.

For Macs, make sure the application is run from an account with administrative privileges.

Please note that your machine must be connected to the Internet to apply your Authorization Code. 

Once the application launches, you will see a listing of all the licenses currently authorized.  Click the Next button in the bottom righthand corner of the wizard to continue.

License Status Screen

Product Authorization

Make sure that the License my product now radio button is selectedClick the Next button.

Enter Code Screen

Enter the Authorization Code provided to you in the text box.  Make sure that it is entered exactly as provided, and is the license code for the product you currently want to authorize.  There is different Authorization Codes for SPSS Premium and Amos.  Cutting and pasting the proper code directly from the text file provided is recommended.  Then click the Next button.

On the next screen of the wizard, you should receive a Successfully processed all codes message in green text.  If not, click the back button and re-enter the Authorization Code.

Once you receive the Successfully processed all codes message, click Next.

Internet Authorization Status

Your copy of SPSS or Amos has now been successfully licensed for use.  Click Finish in the bottom righthand corner of the dialog.  You should now be able to launch and use the main application without issue.