JMP Installation Instructions

On Windows computers, extract all the files within the downloaded zip compressed file by right-clicking on the file.

Extract All from the menu

For Mac systems, simply double-click the zip file and a folder near the file icon will appear.

Before beginning installation, close all other running programs. 

Go to the newly created folder where you extracted the files.  On Windows systems, open the jmp_installer folder and launch the setup.exe fileOn Macs, launch the JMP DMG file.  The JMP installation should begin.  You will progress through the installation wizard screen by clicking on the Next button.  The wizard screens and options are similar on both the Windows and Mac platforms.

It is suggested that you keep the default Destination Location for your installation of JMP.

Destination Location

On the next wizard screen, select the installation options appropriate for your computer and needs.

Installation Options

When you reach the "Ready to Install the Program" screen, click on the Install button.  The JMP installer will began installation of the software on your computer.  Once it reports that installation is complete, click on the Finish button

You will then need to launch the JMP 13 program from either your Start Menu/Screen in Windows, or your Applications folder on Macs.  Upon launch, you should be prompted to open up your license file.  Click the Open License button.

Navigate to where you extracted your downloaded JMP zip file.  There you will find a file ending in _sid.txt.  This is your license SID file.  Select this file and click on the Open button

If you're prompted to save a newly created .per file, save the file to an appropriate location on your system.  You should then receive a dialog reporting that your license has been accepted. 


To confirm your license, and see the date of expiration, you can go to the Help menu within JMP and select About JMP.  The dialog box that appears will list an Expires date.  This is Purdue's expiration date for the current term's JMP license.  It should have a date in mid-August.