Wide Format Printing

Where is the wide format printer?
There are 2 Learning Spaces wide format printers. One is on the second floor of the Wilmeth Active Learning Center (WALC) near the information desk, and one is in the John W. Hicks (HIKS) Undergraduate Library near the information desk.

How can I print?
Edit your content using the application of your choice and export a PDF file. Bring that file to one of the printer locations and the Purdue IT staff at the desk can help you connect to the printer and configure your file.

What can I print?
You can print research posters, presentation materials, large documents, and high quality images. The high quality images should be at least 200 dpi. At least one edge of the poster cannot exceed 40 inches. Max printable width is 39.37 inches.

Please note that color variations can occur. The printers are wide format, poster size printers but are geared for research data, blueprints, and course presentation materials. They are not graphic/photo printers. The printers have single-pass printing with stationary print heads which allows for fast printing times and provides good results for the typical research or presentation poster.

Color variations due to the stationary heads can be noticed in graphic heavy, color intense items. For these items we suggest visiting the UPS Store located in the Purdue Memorial Union.  Additional information about their poster printing sizes, quality, and costs can be found here:  UPS Store at Purdue

When can I print a wide format job?
You can print when the Purdue IT help desk near the printer is staffed. Your job is released to print by the staff member on duty at the desk during normal staffing times. Please visit the desk no later than 30 minutes prior to closing times for wide format printing.

How much does it cost?
The cost is $4 per linear foot. Your poster will be printed on a roll that is 40 inches wide, and you will be charged based on the length of paper you use. A 36 inch wide poster that is 24 inches tall would use 2 linear feet of paper and cost $8.

How do I pay for wide format printing?
You must transfer money from your BoilerExpress account to your PaperCut account to pay for wide format printing.  Assigned (default) print quota cannot be used for wide format printing costs.

Departments can pay for wide format printing by submitting a Purdue Department Funded Printing Paid Supplement and adding paid supplement to a specific user login.
After completing all the fields in Section 1, the document should be emailed to the Purdue IT Learning Spaces team at itlabs@purdue.edu for final processing. Once Business Office approval/authorization is received, the print quota will be adjusted in PaperCut.