Preventive BoilerKey features can keep you from getting locked out

Before you have a problem with BoilerKey generate your backup codes and sign up your phone for self-recovery.

Before you have an issue with your BoilerKey, such as forgetting your phone at home or resetting your phone to the factory settings, register your phone number and print out a list of backup codes so you can keep logging in to sites such as Blackboard, myPurdue and the Web VPN.

Here are instructions to get faculty, staff and students started on their BoilerKey backup plan:

Generate a backup code to use if you can’t use your phone or token

Use this feature in case you lose your phone or token, run out of battery, or can’t access your token or phone for some other reason. Again, you must have generated a list of backup codes BEFORE you lose access to your BoilerKey.

  • Visit Log in with your BoilerKey, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Obtain List of BoilerKey One-Time Use Backup Codes.”
  • Click “Generate a List…” You will see a list of 10 codes.
  • Print and store the 10 codes in a secure location. Do not write down additional login information on the list of codes.
  • If your phone or token is inaccessible, enter your pin, a comma and one of the 9-digit codes.
  • Each 9-digit code can be used only once.

If you lose the list of backup codes, please log in to the BoilerKey system, delete the lost list of codes and generate a new list.

Enter your phone number to enable self-service auto recovery

Before losing access to BoilerKey, you can register your phone number so you can order a new token, set up a new device or reset your PIN (as long as you know your old one). For example, you can use this feature if you lose your hardware token, reset your phone to the factory settings or have issues with your phone’s Duo Mobile app.

  • Visit
  • Log in with your BoilerKey, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Enable BoilerKey Self-Recovery.”
  • Enter your cellphone number (or it may be auto-filled for you).
  • Click “Text me a verification code.”
  • A code will be sent to the cellphone number you provided.
  • Enter that code on the BoilerKey page to verify it.

To initiate self-service recovery, navigate to a CAS sign on page, such as Blackboard. Then:

  • Click the link that reads “Issues with your BoilerKey?”
  • Enter the information requested.
  • You will receive a code via text to enter.
  • You will be sent to a page to allow you to request a new token or reset your Duo Mobile app.
  • Remember to delete your old devices in the BoilerKey system during this process.

As a reminder, if you have trouble using the "push" option with the Duo Mobile app or do not have internet or cell service, you can use the 6-digit code that shows when you tap "Purdue University" in the app in place of "push."

BoilerKey reduces the threat from cybercriminals who regularly target Purdue’s network and helps secure sensitive faculty, staff and student data, such as social security numbers and bank account information, research data and grades.

Still need help? Call ITaP Tech Support at 765-494-4000 or email