Is IMPACT for you?

Applications are now being accept for the Fall 2019 cohort of Instruction Matters: Purdue Academic Course Transformation” (IMPACT). If you are the primary instructor for an undergraduate course at Purdue and are interested in joining a community of faculty committed to creating student-centered teaching and learning environments, IMPACT might be for you.

What does it mean to be an IMPACT Fellow?

IMPACT is an instructional development program in which Fellows participates in a 13-week Faculty Learning Community, working in teams with other instructors and staff from Center for Instructional Excellence, Libraries and School of Information Studies, Purdue Online, and Teaching and Learning Technologies. These teams meet as a cohort once a week for more than an hour, working through curriculum that covers: Motivating Learners, Informed Learning, Learning Outcomes and Objectives, Assessment, Learning Activities, and Drawing it All Together into a course design plan (click here for a more detailed schedule). Many of the teams also meet regularly outside the cohort as the Fellows draw on principles of backwards design and align with the theoretical framework of Self-Determination Theory (SDT).

Operationalizing IMPACT with SDT means Fellows can design classes to meet their instructional goals and student needs. Accepted Fellows agree to complete the 13-week FLC and participate in a number of assessments of their courses over several semesters. Fellows are also encouraged to consider their own context-specific measures of student learning.

IMPACT is supported through the Offices of the President and Provost, which provide funding to assist in many course transformations. The program is monitored and evaluated through the Office of Institutional Research, Assessment and Effectiveness (OIRAE), the Evaluation and Learning Research Center (ELRC) and CIE. Evaluation activities include comprehensive data collection, analyses, and reporting. The partner units also collaborate on research studies examining faculty development, institutional cultural change. A dashboard of existing data can be found here.

Ready to apply? The application will ask for a few details about the course (e.g. course number, expected enrollment), about you (e.g. role, additional courses), and about the course on which you hope to work (e.g. syllabus, transformation goals).