Be ready for the new semester by testing your BoilerKey before you need it

As the new semester approaches, ask yourself, “Am I BoilerKey-ready?”

BoilerKey, Purdue’s two-factor authentication, is used to access important sites for students, such as Blackboard and myPurdue. Students will need access to these sites to view course syllabi and assignments, to pay tuition, and to register or change fall courses, among other things. Without a functioning BoilerKey, you will be locked out and need help to get in.

BoilerKey, which adds a second layer of security to protect sensitive information, has been required since fall 2018. However, after a summer away, a refresher might be nice. Here are tips to keep your BoilerKey in working order for the 2019 fall semester.

  1. First and foremost, do you have a BoilerKey?

  2. Did you get a new phone over summer? If so, check to see if it works with your BoilerKey. If not, select “Issues with my BoilerKey?” on any BoilerKey login page and follow the instructions.

  3. Do you remember your PIN? Your PIN is essential to a working BoilerKey. If you don’t remember your PIN and need it reset, call the ITaP Customer Service Center at 765-494-4000 (44000 from a campus phone) or visit the in-person help desks at the Wilmeth Active Learning Center and the HSSE Library in the Stewart Center.

  4. Have you logged into Blackboard or myPurdue recently using BoilerKey? If not, try to log in using your BoilerKey before classes begin.

  5. If you have the Duo Mobile application on your device, familiarize yourself with the two methods of logging in. You may use “PIN,push” to push a notification to your phone for approval, or you may use “PIN,6-digit code.” The 6-digit code is found within the Duo Mobile application.

  6. Finally, if you have not done so, register your phone number for self-recovery and request a list of backup codes to use if your BoilerKey is not working. These are preventative measures to ensure BoilerKey access before you lose your phone, your phone is dead, you get a new phone, or some other scenario where you cannot access your BoilerKey. You can register your phone and generate backup codes by visiting

Registering your phone number for self-recovery will ease the process of transferring your BoilerKey to a new phone and will not require assistance from the Customer Service Center. Requesting a list of backup codes will allow you to immediately log in if your phone or physical token is dead or lost. These codes are used in place of “push” or the 6-digit code from the Duo Mobile app and hard token.

Remember: You only need BoilerKey where you see the BoilerKey logo and on the Purdue VPN (virtual private network).

You do not need BoilerKey to access your Purdue email, so remember to test your Purdue password as well. If you need to reset your password because you’ve forgotten or it’s expired, visit

For more information about BoilerKey, visit and see the BoilerKey FAQ.

Last updated: August 8, 2019