Update: Blackboard student gradebook data now automatically archived

A new process has been developed to automatically archive all West Lafayette and Purdue Northwest student gradebook data in Blackboard before access to the learning management system ends in August.

The process eliminates the need for faculty and instructors to archive their own student gradebook data. Instead gradebooks in Blackboard dating from 2016 through 2020 will be stored securely by ITaP, and faculty or researchers will still be able to access it after the switch to the D2L Brightspace learning management system takes place this fall. In the fall, faculty  and instructors will be able to request archived data as needed for grade appeals or research purposes. Gradebook data currently in Blackboard will be accessible until August 24.

Previously published guidelines and instructions for storing Blackboard student data are no longer necessary, as the gradebook data will be automatically archived.

Download Student Assignment Submissions:

Student assignment submissions will not be stored as part of ITaP's gradebook archiving process. Faculty and instructors who want to archive student assignment submissions can follow the instructions in the video below. 

Storage of student grade and assignment data must be stored securely in keeping with FERPA guidelines. Don’t store student data on personal computers or home devices. Save student data to a storage location approved to store FERPA data. Your IT department or ITaP can help you determine if a location is approved. Commercial cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive are not approved for storing sensitive or restricted data. OneDrive is currently not approved to store FERPA data.

For more information, see Purdue’s guidelines on electronically stored information.



NOTE: Faculty and instructors with course materials in Blackboard do need to begin the process of migrating those materials to Brightspace by following the instructions found here or risk losing access to them. Access to Blackboard Learn will end for faculty, staff and students on Aug. 24, and Brightspace will be Purdue’s only learning management system during the fall semester.

For more information about the move to Brightspace, including instructional videos and workshop information, visit www.purdue.edu/learning-management.