Reminder: Don't leave laptops, electronics in vehicles

With a large number of faculty and staff working remotely, or traveling back and forth to campus, ITaP wants to remind faculty and staff that they should not keep electronics, such as laptops or tablets, or other university property in their vehicles.

Leaving computers and other electronic devices in vehicles represents a security threat to the University, as it makes them vulnerable to theft.  Purdue’s Acceptable Use of IT Resources and Information Assets policy states that faculty, staff and students are responsible to “physically secure and safeguard IT resources within the user's possession and control.”

Outside temperatures can also be potentially damaging to items left in vehicles. Even on a 70 degree day, temperatures inside an enclosed vehicle can climb above 100 degrees in as little as an half an hour, hot enough to cause warping or other permanent damage to electronic devices. 

For more about keeping your computer and University data safe, see Secure Purdue’s list of security awareness resources.

Last updated: July 21, 2020