WebEx users should avoid using toll-free, “call me” options

WebEx users are encouraged to disable the toll-free calling option from meetings they schedule and to refrain from using the toll-free number unless necessary 

WebEx is Purdue’s centrally supported video conferencing system and is available for faculty, staff and students to use for free. However, the increased usage of WebEx due to Covid-19 has led to increasing usage of the toll-free calling and the “call me” options, which comes at a significant cost to the University.  

Users are encouraged to use WebEx’s other audio features, including computer-integrated audio, headsets, or to call in using the non-toll free number provided in the WebEx interface. While the 1-800 toll-free number and “call me” features will continue to be available as normal for faculty and staff WebEx users, these features should only be used if there is no access to a domestic long-distance telephone service.  

Students can now host meetings with up to 1,000 participants, but do not have access to the toll-free or “call me” options. 

When scheduling a meeting, faculty and staff can disable the toll-free number option.

For more information about how to use WebEx, visit ITaP’s Working Remotely page