Apple wants you to change your Apple ID? The request is legitimate.

Purdue Apple users who have their email address in the username for their Apple ID, or who use it as a recovery email address with Apple, should have received notice from Apple asking them to change to a different, non-Purdue email address. 

The change is necessary as Purdue and Apple implement a “federated” system that will make it easier to set up and share Apple devices for classroom and other purposes.  

Apple users have until March 6 to update their Apple ID and recovery email address or risk losing the ability to use their Apple ID and will have to work with Apple directly to make the change. 

Frequently asked questions:  

I received the message from Apple, but deleted it. What should I do? 

The message from Apple said “Purdue University has claimed” – does that mean I lose access to Purdue email? 

  • No, this change will not affect your ability to use your Purdue email address. It means you can no longer use an email address for your Apple ID or your Apple recovery email.  

What if I don’t have another email address to use for my Apple ID? 

  • Users will be required to set up another email address. Free email options are available from a variety of sources online.  

Is Purdue taking over my Apple account? 

  • Purdue is not taking over individuals’ Apple accounts, only the email address space There is no risk to users' personal Apple account data, purchases and content. None of this affects users who do not use a email in their Apple ID or as an Apple recovery email. 

Questions? Contact your campus unit's information technology staff or, if unsure, email 

Last updated: Feb. 5, 2021