Early user program to connect researchers, educators with Anvil supercomputer

Researchers and educators interested in using Anvil, Purdue’s NSF Category I large capacity computational research platform, are invited to apply for an early user program scheduled to start in August.  

Anvil, which is funded by a $10 million award from the National Science Foundation, provides a seamless and comprehensive ecosystem of software, access interfaces, programming environments, and composable services to support a broad range of science and engineering applications. It also integrates new technologies for interactive usage, scalable HPC, machine learning and big data applications; prioritize researcher productivity and ease of use; and provides an extensible architecture for interoperation with complementary data-intensive projects, campus resources, and commercial cloud.  

Users from diverse disciplines with computationally intensive, as well as data intensive applications (including deep learning), are welcome to consider utilizing Anvil for their research. Researchers from new communities that have not explored or had the opportunity to use advanced computing infrastructure to explore how the interactive and composable computing environments may be applied to their research needs are also encouraged to apply. 

Anvil is expected to begin operations for early users in August 2021 to port and optimize their applications and leverage Anvil’s novel capabilities to make progress towards their research goals. Early users will also help provide feedback to the Anvil team before full operations begin in October 2021 when access to Anvil will be allocated through the Extreme Sciences and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) process.  

Please join the Anvil team at 2 p.m. on Friday, March 12, for a webinar describing Anvil and the process for signing up as early users. 

To register for the webinar, please go to: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/purdue-an-introduction-to-anvil-tickets-142772908613.

More information about the Anvil system can be found at: https://www.rcac.purdue.edu/anvil/

For questions, contact anvil@purdue.edu. 

Last updated: February 25, 2021