BoilerKey login page to receive update May 12

The BoilerKey login page will receive an aesthetic update on May 12, but the functionality of the two-factor security tool will remain the same.  

The update will modify the look and feel of the login page, incorporating the Purdue logo and increasing the font size to make features like the link to BoilerKey help easier to find. Users will continue to be required to use a passcode and the Duo Mobile app or a hardware token for authentication. 

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The new BoilerKey login page will feature an updated Purdue logo, increased font size and brighter colors for links, making it easier for individuals to request assistance when needed.

BoilerKey two-factor authentication is required to access most University applications. To learn more about BoilerKey, including how to set up self-recovery in case you change or lose your phone, visit 

Last updated: May 4, 2022