SAS 9.x Renewal Instructions

The following information is intended as instruction for renewing licensing files on currently installed SAS 9.4 or 9.3 software. It is NOT intended as instruction for initial installation, upgrade, or re-installation of SAS software.

If you have SAS Version 9.2, please see the legacy instructions for SAS 9.2 renewal.

Step 1

From your email, select the appropriate License File for your SAS install. Use:

  • TR_93_SID32.txt or TR_SID64.txt if predominantly for academic and "teaching and research" (TR) activities
  • IN_93_SID32.txt or IN_93_SID64.txt if principally for "internal" (IN) administrative work at Purdue University

Remember to pick the appropriate bit distribution for your installation, either 32-bit or 64-bit as denoted by the number at the end of the filename. To find out whether you have a 32-bit or 64-bit install of SAS 93, launch SAS 9.3 and click the Help --> About menu.

Step 2

Save the License File to your Windows Desktop or Downloads folder.

Step 3

Find the Renew SAS Software program in the All Programs --> SAS --> Utilities in the Windows Start Menu.

Start Menu

Step 4

Right-click on the Renew SAS Software icon and select Run As Administrator. Click Yes to the User Account Control dialog box that appears.

Run as Administrator

Step 5

From the Renew SAS Software program, click the Browse button, locate your saved License File, click Open, and then Next.

Step 6

Review the Verify SAS Installation Data screen. Make sure all appropriate products have an expiration several months in the future and click OK.

Check the date.

Step 7

Confirm the location of your SAS install. By default this should be c:\Program Files\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.3. Click Renew.

Install location

You should see a dialog box telling you that setnit was successfully applied. You SAS installation has now been renewed. For any other result, check the SAS support page at for assistance.

If you continue receiving one of the following two warnings in the initial Log window, then your license file has not been properly renewed/updated:

WARNING: Your system is scheduled to expire on February 28, 201x, which is XX days from now. The SAS System will no longer function on or after that date. Please contact your SAS Installation Representative to obtain your updated SAS Installation Data (SID) file, which includes SETINIT information.

WARNING: The Base Product product with which Session Manager is associated will be expiring soon, and is currently in warning mode to indicate this upcoming expiration. Please run PROC SETINIT to obtain more information on your warning period. Display of UTF8 encoded data is not fully supported by the SAS Display Manager System.

Check the SAS support page at for assistance.