SPSS Installation Instructions

for Windows

(click here for SPSS Installation Instructions for Mac)

You received your SPSS Authorization Code in your Community Hub order e-mail.  It is listed as Serial Number.  You will need this Authorization Code during installation.  It is highly recommended that you copy and paste the code directly from the e-mail (or Community Hub webpage) when prompted for it during SPSS installation. 

Next, extract the SPSS installation folder you have selected to a temporary location.  The simplest way to do this is to drag the folder onto your desktop.  If you're unfamiliar with working with compressed zip files, please see:

Extracting Files from a Compressed Zip Archive

The extracted folder will contain four sub-folders.

Premium Folder Contents

To install SPSS, open the SPSS 26 and right-click on the setup.exe file.  In the context menu that appears, select Run as administrator.

Setup File      Admin Password
Depending on your setup, you may have to supply an administrative username and password.

Confirm that you want the installer to make changes to your computer by selecting Yes. The IBM SPSS Statistics InstallShield Wizard will begin. After viewing the Copyright display, click Next to continue.

Authorized User Option

When prompted, select Authorized user license from the three available options. Click Next.

License Agreement Dialogue Box

Select I accept the terms in the license agreement, and click Next.

Purdue's SPSS agreement supersedes the terms of the license outlined on this screen.

On the next screen, enter a User Name and Purdue University as the Organization.

JAWs Dialgoue Box

Select any additional Help Language files. English is automatically installed.

If you use the JAWS audible screen reading software, select Yes. If you do not use this separate software product, select No.

Click Next to continue.

You have the option to change the destination directory. It is best to leave the default directory. Just click Next.

The InstallShield Wizard will now have all the options it needs to install SPSS. Click the Install button.

Product Authorization Dialgoue

At the end of the installation, you will be prompted to Authorize your installation. Make sure your machine is contacted to the Internet and select License my product now. Click Next, enter the authorization code included in the license.txt and click Next again.

Once your installation is successfully authorized, you will see the confirmation in green text. If the authorization is not successful, be sure to click the Copy Status button so that you can paste any message in a support request. Click Next.

Installation Success

Finally, you will see a list of all options available under your authorization. When the authorization for the current install expires, you will need to download a new version of SPSS from the download site.

If there are any updates available for this version of SPSS, they will be included on the DVD in a folder labeled Updates. Double-click on any update file within this folder.

If you did not enter your authorization code during the installation process, you can launch the SPSS License Authorization Wizard to enter your authorization code.