Tools to help create accessible documents, engage students and grade faster will be featured during March faculty-focused workshops

An app that makes learning a game, programs that can make course materials more accessible and a series of workshops over spring break are just a few of the offerings available in March from Purdue’s Innovative Learning Team.

Throughout the spring semester, the Innovative Learning Team is hosting a series of professional development events designed to familiarize faculty with instructional technology available on campus. Faculty and instructional staff can find a full listing of offerings online, but March offerings include:

Creating a Digital Learning Environment: March 1
Jon Rienstra-Kiracofe will discuss how he uses Microsoft’s OneNote for dynamic lecture notes, homework assignments and electronic lab notebooks. Registration is encouraged for this Tech Today talk.

Introduction to Replay: March 4
Replay is an app that provides a low-stakes, repetable quizzing environment for students with elements of gameplay. Instructors can create questions using text, images or video that students answer to score points.

Qualtrics Advanced - Using Contacts Lists: March 8
Qualtrics is a survey-creation tool available for faculty, students and staff. This session will focus on how to use a contact list within Qualtrics to distribute surveys to a specific audience.

Accessibility - Creating accessible .pdf forms: March 11
Learn to make .pdf documents more accessible; how to correct the reading order, add tooltips for form fields, and group radio buttons and checkboxes appropriately to improve accessibility.

Introduction to Gradescope: March 12
Gradescope is a grading tool designed to help faculty manage grading workflow, increase the speed of the grading process and improve the consistency of grading.

Accessibility - Creating Better Designed Power Points: March 14
Self-paced workshop to learn how to make PowerPoints more accessible by using default template fields, adding image alt text, changing the reading order, checking accessibility and more.

Accessibility - Creating Better Designed Documents; Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat: March 14
Self-paced workshop will walk participants through making accessible documents using both Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Introduction to WebEx: March 22
Learn to use web-conferencing software to host meetings and do group activities.

Qualtrics Advanced - Data and Reporting: March 25
Learn to use the Data & Analysis and Reports sections in a Qualtrics survey.

Accessibility - Compliance Sheriff Training: March 29
Hands-on training in using Compliance Sheriff software, which conducts automated tests on a website to help determine whether the site is accessible.

All events are open to Purdue faculty and staff. For an additional listings of faculty professional development opportunities scheduled for the spring semester, visit the training calendar.

Those unable to attend an event can request a one-on-one consultation to explore the best way to bring new tools and technology into their classroom by contacting

Writer: Dave Stephens, technology writer, Information Technology at Purdue, 765-496-7998,

Last updated: February 22, 2018