Eligibility Criteria

Almost all Purdue faculty and staff are eligible to participate in the Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) program, but there are exceptions. The following criteria are used to determine eligibility, based on terms of the EES. Faculty and staff who satisfy the requirements in categories number 2 or 3 below may participate in the EES program. Registered students are eligible to participate in the Microsoft Student Select Agreement (Select). Note that the Indianapolis (IUPUI) students, faculty, and staff are covered by a separate agreement between Microsoft and Indiana University.

  1. Students: Microsoft Student Select Agreement
    1. Students must be registered for one or more Purdue University courses (offered at or through the West Lafayette, Purdue Northwest, or Purdue Ft. Wayne campuses or Statewide Technology locations) for the current semester or for a future semester. [1]
    2. Students must be in any credit program, i.e. audit-only students and students registered only in non-credit programs (e.g. workshops, conferences, camps, etc.) are not eligible. Note that some courses in a credit program may be for zero credit hours, e.g. co-operative education students during each "work" semester. Co-op students are eligible. Students do not need to be in a "degree seeking" program.
    3. Admitted STAR students are eligible. [1]
    4. It is possible that your records may be incorrect. Student records are usually updated within a week. Please wait at least this long before trying to purchase software.

    * Questions about student status should be directed to the Registrar or to your academic advisor (or to the Statewide Technology Location Director at your site).

  2. Emeritus/emerita retirees of Purdue University are eligible. Other retirees are Not eligible.
  3. Normal faculty/staff must pass all of the following tests to be eligible: Must be a current employee of Purdue University OR a Purdue faculty member (other than those with appointments at IUPUI). Most faculty members are also Purdue employees.
    1. Temporary employees are not eligible.
    2. Persons in any of the following positions are not eligible: persons with non-post-doc fellowships, visiting scholars, and visiting instructors/professors. Student employees (both undergraduate and graduate) are not eligible as Purdue staff. Independent contractors and outside paid consultants are not eligible. Widows and widowers of Purdue employees and retirees are not eligible.

    * Official Purdue University records are used to determine EES eligibility. It is possible that your records may be incorrect. If there have been recent changes in your status, these changes may still be in the paperwork pipeline such that University records have not yet been updated. Employees may need to wait a full payroll cycle for this to occur. Student records are usually updated within a week. Please wait at least this long before trying to purchase software.

    * Questions about employment status or position codes should be directed to your business office.

    * If you have verified your employee position code, and you still have EES eligibility questions, please send e-mail to itap-licensing@purdue.edu .

[1] Purchase of software by students registered for a subsequent semester is contingent on returning to attend classes that semester. Microsoft Select software is made available in advance so that you can install it on your computer before classes start. If you do not return for classes, your license for the software is void and you must remove the software from any computer on which it has been installed.

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