University Owned Equipment

The Microsoft Agreement (EES) provides licenses for faculty, staff, and student employee use of selected software products on all University owned or leased computers.

The head of each administrative unit (school, department, office, center, etc.) is responsible, within his or her unit, for compliance with software license terms and applicable University policies. In addition, each unit is responsible for keeping track of the number of installations of each Microsoft product acquired through the EES. On request, these records must be made available for summarizing University utilization of the EES.

Software available under the agreement is distributed as an electronic download. The software may be installed on multiple University-owned or leased computers. Please see the frequently asked questions list for more information.

Questions should be submitted via the Purdue Service Portal.

Software downloads are not for use on personally owned computers. Use by faculty, staff, and students on computers they own is handled separately.

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