Infrastructure Services

IT Infrastructure Services provides much of the behind-the-scenes work that makes communication and computer systems on campus work. Infrastructure Services consists of these key areas:

Facilities, Systems and Operations

  • Offers system and application monitoring and the Outage Notification Process for the data centers housing Purdue's production infrastructure systems.
  • Provides service management and project management for infrastructure-related and customer components and efforts.

Infrastructure Services

  • Administers Windows, Mainframe and UNIX systems as well as enterprise storage assets including SAN, NAS and backup hardware and associated management software.


  • The Networks and Telecommunications team is responsible for the design, installation, testing, activation, configuration, and maintenance of the telecommunication systems and data networks on the West Lafayette campus, including wired and wireless infrastructure and connectivity between campus and the general internet. The team offers departments a basic package of voice and data services, and provides premium options by request.