Purdue University in Indianapolis

As Purdue's first comprehensive urban campus, Purdue University in Indianapolis is part of Purdue University West Lafayette, with multiple locations throughout the city of Indianapolis. It bookends America’s Hard Tech Corridor, which extends from West Lafayette through new investments in Lebanon’s LEAP Innovation District to downtown Indianapolis. It positions our students, faculty and staff in close proximity to top businesses and leading industries, providing new and unique executive education and internship opportunities.

The Purdue IT Service Desk serves as the first point of contact for students, faculty, staff and others seeking assistance with IT Services. You can submit a request or report an incident at service.purdue.edu or by phone at 765-494-4000.


Shortly after your official hire date, you will receive instructions on activating and accessing your Purdue career account and email address. You will also continue to have access to your existing IU accounts in Fall 2024, including existing IUPUI email and services.  However, you may want to migrate data to your Purdue services to consolidate your data.  You may also be near a quota, as licensing terms will change for your IU accounts.  In general, after July 1, your new IU quotas will be 50GB for email and 100GB for OneDrive.  We'll send direct communication to anyone over or near these new quota limits with instructions on how to migrate your data to Purdue systems, which will have a higher amount of available storage.

  • To check mailbox quotas in Outlook (desktop), go to the File menu and look for the info under the title “Mailbox Settings”
  • To check mailbox quotas in Outlook (web and New Outlook), go to the Settings cog > Accounts > Storage
  • To check OneDrive quotas, follow the instructions here

To migrate current IUPUI message and calendars to your Purdue email, you can use two methods.

  • IU has provided instructions linking both mailboxes and dragging and dropping folders to transfer messages.
  • Another solution that may be more technical is the PST export and import method.  Instructions by Microsoft can be found here (requires the desktop version of Outlook.).
Existing Accounts and Access
In Fall 2024, your existing IU account and CrimsonCard will still be usable after the transition so that you can log into classroom machines, use printers, and access building resources.

Though you will still maintain an IU account, your access to certain IU/IUPUI services may be reduced or eliminated due to licensing and costs after the transition. Purdue IT is evaluating a list of these services and software but are expected to include services that Purdue does not currently offer, like Google Drive. Instructions for moving to new, alternative services will be provided.

More information about your CrimsonCard can be found here: https://crimsoncard.iu.edu/purdue.html.
Networking (Wi-Fi/Ethernet)
For Fall 2024, Purdue IT will build out network technology to extend the Purdue network to the Indianapolis campus, including the Sigma Theta Tau (STT) building. For Wi-Fi access, we will leverage existing IUPUI infrastructure. Students, faculty, and staff will log into the “eduroam” network with their Purdue credentials. In some cases, a VPN connection through Cisco AnyConnect may be required to access Purdue resources. For devices that use a wired connection, we are planning for the Purdue network to be available via an ethernet connection by June. Instructions will be provided on how to connect to eduroam and VPN.

All Purdue University in Indianapolis faculty and staff will be provided “soft” virtual phones through Cisco WebEx. This service eliminates the need for physical phones and allows users to take and make phone calls straight from their computer.  

Existing IUPUI phone numbers belong to Indiana University and cannot continue to be used by Purdue Indianapolis personnel after the transition. Purdue IT will create and assign new Purdue phone numbers and distribute information and instructions about setting up the new softphone directly to impacted users. To help with the transition, existing IUPUI phone numbers will temporarily be forwarded to the new Purdue phone numbers.  

Purdue offers Microsoft’s OneDrive service for storage, which also ties into Teams and SharePointFor certain sharing and security scenarios, Box and Isilon storage may also be optionsResearch data will have its own dedicated location for storage and be accessible to world-class compute resources (see the Research section for more information)Purdue IT will provide instructions on how to migrate data to these new locations. 
Classroom Technology
For classroom technology, you will continue to use your IU account to log into general inventory classroom computers and labs. Once there, you can launch AppsAnywhere or Software Remote to launch needed Purdue software. Purdue IT will provide instructions for all faculty on classroom equipment. If additional help is needed, see the lectern for service desk contact information.
Rosen Center for Advanced Computing (RCAC) operates centrally maintained research computing resources. A division of Purdue IT, RCAC provides advanced computational resources, data storage systems, and expertise to support Purdue faculty and staff researchers in a broad range of high-performance computing (HPC), data, and visualization activities. Among those, Scholar computer cluster is suitable for classroom learning about high performance computing (HPC). If you have a class that you think will benefit from HPC, you can request access to the Scholar computer cluster for free. You can also purchase access to compute nodes in several other HPC clusters, including Negishi, Gilbreth, and Weber, depending on your research computing needs. RCAC staff provide training to facilitate the use of computing and storage resources. You can request consultation with RCAC staff any time, e.g. when submitting a grant proposal that require computing expertise or resources, running or migrating workflows that require the use of HPC or storage, needing assistance with data processing and visualization, and more.

Purdue offers Qualtrics CoreXM for web-based survey creation, collection, and analysis for open surveys, targeted (panel) surveys, and open polling.  It is available to Purdue faculty, staff, and students for research or classroom use.  Once your Qualtrics account has been created, existing Qualtrics surveys from your non-Purdue account can be migrated into your Purdue Qualtrics account either manually or by submitting a request to have them migrated by the vendor. 


Purdue IT will communicate via email to known owners of secure data stored in IUPUI secure Teams channels and Google Secure Drive with suggested options.  For your reference, here is how Purdue defines sensitive and restricted data, including examples: https://www.purdue.edu/securepurdue/data-handling/index.php  

Purdue offers several options for approved services to store secure data which you can learn more about here: https://www.purdue.edu/securepurdue/data-handling/acceptable_service_use.php 

Faculty & Staff IT FAQs

When will email migration/Microsoft content migration/Kaltura migration happen?
  • Email and Microsoft 365 content will be migrated by the individuals. Instructions will be provided.
  • Kaltura content will be migrated in mid June.
  • Qualtrics Survey content can be migrated either by individuals or help from the vendor. Instructions will be provided.
What will happen to group email accounts?
No content will be migrated. We are investigating what information we can gather about items in the IU tenant.
Will our Teams site migrate over?

No content will be migrated. We are investigating what information we can gather about items in the IU tenant.

Will we keep our phone numbers?

No, new West Lafayette phone numbers will be assigned. These will be Webex Cloud softphone client numbers. Further communication will be sent, including a direct email with your newly assigned phone number and further instructions.

In the short term, IU has agreed to forward your existing IUPUI number to your new Purdue number for a short period of time to help with the transition.

When will Purdue Wi-Fi be available?

A Purdue Branded SSID is currently available utilizing STT’s internet provider. Work is currently ongoing to add Eduroam. Wired networking is also in progress in STT.  

For the remainder of campus, we are actively configuring network equipment. We fully expect to have wireless and wired networking available soon.

How will Crimson card access work? Will we need Purdue IDs? If so, how do we get one?
Existing CrimsonCards and IU identities will be kept for building access, IU general inventory classrooms and lab computers, and library resources.

Purdue IDs will be used for Purdue resources, like select printers and future building access. Instructions on how to update your mobile Purdue credential will be distributed.
Who do we contact to install needed software on computers for teaching?
The primary goal of the Purdue IT Service Desk is to serve as the first point of contact for students, faculty, staff and others seeking assistance with IT Services. You can submit a request or report an incident at service.purdue.edu or by phone at 765-494-4000.