SPSS Base for Administrative Use

IBM's SPSS Base is a statistical program for the Social Sciences.  It is used for data collection and statistical analytics.

Administrative use of SPSS is any use of the program other than for teaching and non-commercial academic research.  Non-commercial academic research is defined by IBM as "any research by degree seeking students and faculty where the results of such research are not intended for the benefit of a third party; such results are made available to anyone without restriction on use, copying, or distribution; and results are furnished at no cost beyond hosting, reproduction, and shipping." 

For more product details, see IBM's SPSS website.



Use of SPSS for administrative activities is not covered under any current site agreement.  Individual licenses for such use should be purchased directly from IBM.  However, Purdue enjoys a price lock of $420 per license per year for SPSS Base until November 30, 2016 as a term of our SPSS Academic Software License Agreement.  Only the West Lafayette campus and its satellite locations are covered under this price lock.



Purdue has no standing agreement for institutional use of SPSS for administrative activities.  Licenses under our Academic Agreement cannot be used for administrative or operational activities.  Departments that need SPSS for such activities can purchase single user licenses of the product as needed.



Departments wishing to purchase SPSS Base for administrative use should contact IBM Sales directly for an appropriate quote.

For required contact information, including our IBM Sales Representative, Purdue's Customer Number, and Site ID, the departmental purchaser should contact itap-licensing@purdue.edu.

Be sure to cite the University's price lock in your request to IBM so that the quoted unit price for SPSS Base is $420 per year.  If additional modules are needed, such as SPSS Advanced or Regression, standard prices will apply.



The Statistical Consulting Service offers some support on use of SPSS.

For product support requests, please see IBM's SPSS Customer Resources webpage.