About Software Licensing and Distribution

Purdue IT Software Licensing and Distribution provides services associated with the establishment and retention of software agreements between Purdue University groups and software vendors, and the distribution of the resulting licensed software under the terms of the established agreements.

Our Services include:


Review of Licensing Terms and Conditions

Software Licensing Agreements are a component of all software use.  Purdue IT Licensing offers review of agreements to help identify contractual terms that may limit the software’s usability, restrict availability, or otherwise might prove not to be in the best interest for the intended use or of Purdue University.


Working with Software Vendors

Licensing will communicate directly on the purchaser’s behalf to obtain price quotes, establish final agreement terms and cost, work out distribution details, and develop contacts with the vendor for licensing support and agreement renewal.


Assist with Purchase and Contract Negotiations

Working closely with Procurement Services, Purdue IT Licensing can assist in the final purchase process by obtaining participant approvals, submitting purchase requests for SRM submission, and monitoring of the purchase approval process.


Organization of Cost-participation

Demand for the same software across multiple groups sometimes offers the opportunity for quantity discount in agreement costs.  Purdue IT Licensing can help organize cost participation between different groups.


Software License Tracking

Once the software agreements have been established, they must be adhered to by both the vendor and Purdue.